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A licensed applicator of AirTight Open Cell and Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation. With local office in Crowley our team is ready to serve you. We pride ourselves in offering the finest insulation products, installation and service in the business.

Our Insulation Services

Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam

There are two types of materials available in the spray foam insulation industry.
Open-cell and closed-cell spray polyurethane foam systems. Energy Shield Insulators offers them both.

New Construction

Every New Construction job Energy Shield Insulators does, comes with an AirTight Air Infiltration Package; which includes caulking of all seams, joints, and penetrations as well as foaming around all windows and doors.


Adding insulation is part of almost every home retrofit project. Installing spray foam insulation as a barrier between the home and the outside is one of the most important ways to improve the efficiency of any home.

We Service Residential and Commercial Projects

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Insulation Energy Cost Comparison

GULF COAST Baton Rouge, LA

High Humidity – 2,400 s.f. home, facing south

Average Heating and Cooling Cost per month


Net Mo. Savings

  • Fiberglass Insulated Home $131
  • AirTight Home with Closed Cell Foam Insulation $57

Net Mo. Savings

  • Fiberglass Insulated Home $131
  • AirTight Home with Open Cell Foam Insulation $72

HVAC Size Comparison

Fiberglass insulated Home 5 Ton

AirTight OC Open-cell foam insulated Home 3.5 Ton

AirTight OC Closed-cell foam insulated Home 3 Ton

Information is based on:

  • R-38 attic insulation (unvented for foam insulation applications)
  • Double-pane, Low-E aluminum windows
  • R-13 fiberglass exterior, common and knee wall
  • Metal poly-core doors
  • R-6 flex duct located in attic area
  • R-19 sloped and vaulted areas
  • R-19 for under floor areas (crawl spaces and cantilevered areas)
  • Caulking that includes windows, doors, sill plates, plumbing and electrical penetrations

Energy evaluations performed by Mechanical Engineer using proprietary software on 10/28/08.

Energy cost savings are estimated not guaranteed and subject to construction and energy cost variables.

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